What to eat in Hoi An, Vietnam! Go on a DIY Vietnamese street food tour and try delicious traditional eats from Cao Lau to Mi Quang to Viet desserts like Banh Xoai!
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This was SO MUCH FUN! And SO MUCH good food! Hoi An is one of the best towns in Vietnam to get fresh, delicious Vietnamese food. Here’s what we ate:

-Com Ga at Long Chicken Rice. Com Ga is a simple, hearty Viet dish with the rice cooked in chicken stock, served with all parts of chicken meat. Top it with some veggies, egg, and you got yourself a great lunch!
-Banh Vac at Miss Ly Cafe. Banh Vac are white rose dumplings with shrimp meat and an airy rice dough folded to resemble a flower. Such a great, light snack!
-Mi Quang (my favorite) at Central Market. Mi Quang is a thick, rice noodle dish with a small amount of broth to give it that sunny, tasty hue!
-Cau Lau is the essence of Hoi An in a bowl! It’s smoky noodles gives you that everlasting flavor – only Cau Lau in Hoi An is the best! We went to Bobo Cafe here but the original place is Thanh Cao Lầu.
-Banh Xoai or Mango Seed. This chewy, mochi snack is such a delight. Don’t be fooled by its name…it’s actually peanut with a sticky outer layer.
-Banh Beo! This water fern cake is a small steamed rice cake topped with dried shrimp, scallion oil, and mung beans. SO GOOD, omg! It’s originally from Hue, very special to Central Vietnam.

Go on your own food adventure and eat your heart out in Hoi An, Vietnam!

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