In this excerpt from Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! Public Justice Senior Attorney Adele P. Kimmel explains schools’ responsibilities to address sexual harassment and assault. Watch the full video at and Part 2 at Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! is an empowering video for middle and high school students, K-12 parents, schools, and community organizations. It’s about gender equality in education, students’ protections under Title IX, and much more. As high school students plan for their new gender equality group, we watch them interview nationally recognized education, legal, and LGBTQ experts and learn from counselors, advocates, and students. The video provides practical information on how to address sexual harassment and assault when it impacts a student’s education. Students and experts present powerful yet simple ways to make schools safe and free from sex discrimination.

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Video contents:
Opening: Students plan for the first meeting of their gender equality club
02:32 – Introductory talk about civil rights, objectification, gender stereotypes, statistics, and the importance of taking action. Professor and Activist Caroline Heldman
07:08 – Illustrated presentation about sex discrimination in K-12 schools
09:59 – Personal experiences of K-12 sex discrimination (may be disturbing) 10:04 – Lauren Allen, high school survivor 10:48 – Kyle, gender nonconforming student 13:14 – Carrie A Goldberg, attorney, on girls of color 17:56 – Christine McComas, on cyber-harassment
20:56 – Suicide and sexual harassment
22:02 – Abuse by teachers/staff
22:32 – Sexual harassment of younger students
22:04 – Title IX rights. Skype with Neena Chaudhry, National Women’s Law Center
30:05 – LGBTQ students’ rights under Title IX. Skype with Rebecca Peterson-Fisher, Equal Rights Advocates
34:37 – Is a school Title IX compliant?
35:05 – Parent discusses harassment of her children with San Francisco USD Title IX Coordinator Keasara Williams
46:17 – Break
46:20 – Actions available to parents and students when Title IX rights are violated; dating violence. Skype with Adele Kimmel, Public Justice
56:16 – Call to crisis center for confidential help. Cheryl Ann Graf, ARNP
1:03:30 – Student activism ideas
1:04:25 – Teen activist shares projects. Minnah Stein, EMPOWERU
1:08:11 – How to make schools safe places to learn for all students. Juliette Grimmett, MPH
1:09:38 – Healthy masculinity. Marc Grimmett, Professor. Psychologist
1:11:08 – How adults can help make schools safe and equitable places to learn. Jeff Caffee, attorney
1:16:34 – Students share their successes

This video was created by parents who know—first hand—how important this information is for K-12 families. Visit to support this work and get involved!

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