Building on Cloud Content Management and machine learning advances, the City of Washington is finding better ways — and many ways — to serve citizens.

More about cloud content management with Box:

Citizen experience is the most important thing for civic government, so any technology its leaders consider has to help deliver services faster and better. CTO Archana Vemulapalli’s job is to choose and manage the technology that enables better citizen services and experiences.

In this video, Vemulapalli gives one example of how the City of Washington leverages the technology gained from citizen call centers. In a Box Skills environment, Washington DC can look at the data in the logs, see what issues people are calling in about and use that to prioritize service improvements. Leveraging data events — and tying them to outcomes — is how Vemulapalli’s team creates city success stories.

Cloud Content Management is not just about storing, collaborating and sharing documents. For the City of Washington, it’s a tool that gets teams thinking more collaboratively about information, in real time, and gaining intelligence from the data they already collect.

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