Washington DC is a SCAM! And Social Security is a Pyramid SCEAM!

In the 1920’s Big Brother decided to make all working Americans start paying in to a new fund called Social Security. By the 1930’s the new fund called Social Security had a pile of money in the account. It had so much money that it made them CRAZY! The question came up, what are we going to do with all this money? So about the same time Government thought it would be a good idea to have a thing called LOBBYIST! And that was the end of the Social Security fund as we new it. They stole all the money and gave us IOU’s They need to pay up NOW!

========================================================Social Security is a Mandatory Ponzi Scheme

Social Security has many similarities to a Ponzi scheme but it’s even worse. The main difference is that Ponzi schemes are voluntary and Social Security is mandatory. Everyone is forced to pay Social Security payroll taxes whether they want to be part of the system or not. Just like Charles Ponzi’s fraudulent scheme, money from “later investors” or young workers is transferred to “earlier investors” or retirees.

Harold Jackson

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