In Washington DC you better stop completely & not even an inch over the line, or you will get a ticket courtesy of big brother. In an effort to make sure we COMPLY with every thing they tell us, and yet another way to make us hand over even more of our dwindling supply of money to them, The DC Government (which is the US Government since all laws in DC must be Passed Thru Congress), is making sure we stop at stop signs EXACTLY the way they tell us to. If we vere over the line or crosswalk lane when stopping, even by an inch, you will be fined. When they say these are for safety, it is BS! These are revenue generating machines..plain & simple. Also note that DC states that accidents have dropped 80% with the installation of these cameras…..again BS!!! Those numbers don’t jibe with AAA. The claim is being made and pumped out thru the Government controlled press to convince the mass public these are for safety and their implimentation is vital in EVERY city & town in America. Needless to say, BIG BROTHER is just adding more eyes to watch you and squeeze every penny out of you they can! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! If You’re Not Pissed Off… You’re Not Paying Attention!!!

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