Learn about the 8 Wards of Washington, D.C. with this fun educational music video for children and parents of all ages. Brought to you by Kids Learning Tube. Don’t forget to sing along!

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We’re the 8 Wards that makeup
Washington, D.C.
The capital of the USA
Is what we be

Washington, D.C.
Isn’t part of any state
And is one of the most visited cities in the world isn’t that great

I am Ward 1
I’m the smallest
in terms of land area
But I’m the most densely populated
ward in the District that I’ll share with ya

I am home to
Tivoli Theater, National Zoo
and Rock Creek Park,
Howard University,
And Meridian Hill
are all famous landmarks

How do you do
My name is Ward 2
most of Downtown DC sits within the confines of me

I am home to the White House and World War II Memorial
And the National Mall
which includes the
Washington Monument But that’s not all

You are really great to see
My name is Ward 3
I’m mostly a residential area located in the upper northwest quadrant of the city

Some of my attractions are Chevy Chase Park and Foxhall
Mazza Gallerie, the Avalon and Uptown Theatre, you can visit them all

I sure hope you’re not bored
Because my name is Ward 4
I’m the most northern part of Washington D.C. Maybe you’ve been here before

I’m mostly a Beautiful and diverse collection of neighborhoods
We’ll learn more about D.C.
After the chorus. Hope you sing loud and good

We’re the 8 Wards that makeup
Washington, D.C.
The capital of the USA
Is what we be

Washington, D.C.
Isn’t part of any state
And is one of the most visited cities in the world isn’t that great

Hi, my name is Ward 5. I’m happy to meet you and I hope you thrive
I’m in the Northeast part of D.C.
If you catch my jive

Ward 5’s extremely Diverse in character, history, and people you now know
I also have Lincoln’s Cottage, which sits in the Old Soldiers Home

My name is Ward 6
Thanks for adding me to the mix
Located in the center of the lower half of D.C. I am fixed

I’m the greatest Ward I have some cool places in this city
Including Capitol Hill, H Street, the and the Mount Vernon Triangle’s pretty

You may think you’ve reached heaven meeting me, I am Ward 7
I’m located on the east side of the city
visit I’m begging

I am home to green spaces such as Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens,
Watts Branch Park, and the Kingman Island

I am sure your times been great
Let me introduce Ward 8
I make up the southernmost point of the D.C. Wards I’m great

I’m Washington, D.C.
And not part of any States
I border Maryland, Virginia
And I’m the capital of the USA

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