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Vincent Fusca, whom we are told to believe is JFK Jr working with the QAnon team and President Trump to take down the deep state, was mingling with conservative heavy weights like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Rudy Giuliani, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone and Anthony Scaramucci at the American Priority Conference (APC) held December 6-8. 2018 in Washington DC.

A photograph of Fusca was captured by none other than Dustin Nemos. Nemos was removed as a speaker when the QAnon topic was deleted from the agenda at the request of many Trump supporters, but he attended the event with his expenses paid by the APC.

The Vincent Fusca/JFK Jr hoax has hundreds of thousands of followers, and YouTube channels that promote the conspiracy garner far more views than those promoting only QAnon. It can be safely said that those close to the Trump campaign and the White House staff are fully aware of the confused identity of Fusca.
Yet Fusca strolled among them in Washington without the matter being publicly addressed. Nemos claims he obtained Fusca’s business card, but apparently never asked him directly if he was aware that he was at the center of a conspiracy about JFK Jr. Seemingly, none of the key conservative figures present at the event took the initiative either.

Given that Fusca is very active in the Trump campaign, having been seated behind President Trump at a number of his rallies, it can no longer be left unsaid that at a minimum, the White House is complicit not only in the QAnon conspiracy but in the JFR Jr. hoax as well.

American Policy Conference Agenda

Vincent Fusca account on Twitter belongs to Green Party candidate

Jennifer Mac original video

Dustin Nemos original video

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