A group of anti-fracking activists installed a massive art display in the heart of Washington DC on Monday, to draw attention to the issues of fracking and pipeline construction.

The display is a 50 feet (15m) wide and 20 feet (6m) tall art construction of 10 interconnected pipelines. “One, it’s wrong to be approving pipelines that are cutting down forests and advancing dirty fracked gas, but it’s certainly wrong to be approving that activity before the pipeline has received all its approvals,” said Maya van Rossum, an activist from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.

The group of climate activists, from over 200 climate organisations, will hold a three day lobbying session in Congress to demand investigations and hearings into possible abuses of power committed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) during the pipeline approval process.

“We have been urging Congress to hold hearings, to investigate FERC’s abuses of its powers and really highlight all the damaging things that it has done on behalf of the pipeline industry but really against the people in ways that are incredibly devastating and harmful,” added Rossum.

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