A full length, full flight video with United Airlines (First Class) onboard Airbus A320 N420UA, operating flight UA531 from Washington to Chicago on June 23 2018.

Thumbnail thanks to Centreline Photography: https://www.flickr.com/photos/drunkenwhistler/

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Our journey today begins early in the morning outside of the terminal at Washington Reagan National Airport. We enter the beautiful terminal building and head straight to the TSA security checkpoint. From there we make our way to the airside departure lounge, and head down the United Airlines pier where our aircraft is waiting for us.

Boarding is soon called for First Class passengers and we make our way down the jetbridge and take our seat in 3A. We get a pre-departure drink while the rest of the passengers are boarding, and settle in to our comfy first class seat. Before long we push back and commence our taxi to the runway – but unfortunately we are delayed at the end of the runway due to slot restrictions into Chicago. We are served more drinks while we wait and soon our engines start again and we depart into a foggy morning in Washington DC.

We soon climb above the clouds into the blue, and make our way across the Eastern States towards the Midwest. We cross Lake MIchigan as we commence our descent into O’Hare, and in contrast with Washington DC it is a beautiful day in Illinois. We get fantastic views of the entire city of Chicago as we descend into O’Hare and touchdown early (despite our late departure from Washington) after a flight time of just 84 minutes.

Due to our early arrival we are held in the penalty box for a few minutes (listen out for the pilot expressing his disappointment!), and taxi onto our stand. We depart into the terminal and through the beautiful tunnel of light, created by artist Michael Hayden. We emerge streetside on a beautiful sunny day in Chicago.

0:00:05 Outisde terminal, entering terminal and walking to TSA
0:04:30 After security, walking to gate
0:08:05 Our aircraft at the gate
0:08:30 Aircraft movements at DCA
0:09:35 Boarding aircraft, taking our seat in 3A
0:22:26 First class cabin view
0:28:10 Pre departure coffee service
0:37:06 Mist coming through vents
0:39:12 Airbridge being disconnected
0:43:06 Pushback and engine start
0:43:06 Taxi to the runway
1:21:05 Takeoff from runway 1
1:42:15 Cabin view
1:44:40 Flight tracking through United WiFi
1:50:13 First class seat view
1:56:14 Breakfast service
2:29:20 Coffee service
2:43:55 Final approach and landing into Chicago O’Hare
2:57:05 Disembarking into terminal
3:01:42 Tunnel of Light at O’Hare
3:08:16 Exiting terminal to kerb

Airline: United Airlines
Flight: UA531
Aircraft: Airbus A320 N420UA
From: Washington (DCA)
To: Chicago (ORD)
Departure: 08:27
Arrival: 08:51
Flight Time: 1:24
Seat: 3A

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