Hindi University got featured in India Review publication: (Page 17)

Hindi-University is a non-profit project based in Washington DC with the mission of being a leader in Hindi language education and a unique hub for cultural exchange. Hindi-University uses social-media (i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Udemy etc.) as an online forum to facilitate teaching individuals across the globe.

I have been teaching the Hindi language in Washington DC since 2006. Upon their request of my students, I have created a Youtube channel, which I update regularly. I consistently receive requests, questions, and appreciative comments from many language enthusiasts across the globe. I am motivated to upload more informative lectures so that language can become a medium to connect people from different community.

Something that started as a simple desire to realize my interest in teaching has now evolved into a nascent business venture, which shows promise due to the ever-increasing interest in people from all walks of life. These include travelers to India, young professionals working for the US government and other non- profit organizations, students of Indian literature and culture. Thus, with India quickly gaining global interest, more and more people are looking to learn the Hindi language. This is one of my ways to give something back to the community


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