If you’re visiting Washington, DC and you’re on a budget, what should you do? This video covers many budget-friendly activities in the city, including sightseeing and food!

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Visit the Supreme Court, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian (which has 11 free museums around the National Mall), the Exorcist Stairs, the Einstein Memorial, the Capitol building, Georgetown University and more! Grab a tasty treat at the famous Georgetown Cupcake and eat a delicious meal at Julia’s Empanadas in Adams Morgan. DC has it all – and so much of it is free! The most you will probably spend is on your accommodation / hotel, because so much of the sightseeing in Washington DC is free!

Note: This WAS my application to be a travel guide for WOW Air, but this contest is now over and I unfortunately did not win.

ABOUT ME: I am a half-American half-German girl living in Washington, D.C. I love taking photos, writing articles, flying my drone (but DC is a no fly zone!), dancing salsa, making videos, hugging cute animals, dreaming big and exploring everything!
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ABOUT MY TRAVEL BUDDY: My best friend Lauren Rogers used to live here in Washington, D.C. with me, but she moved away to pursue her Master’s degree in Europe. This girl is the most amazing writer I know. She has already written 3 books and I’m sure she’s got more up her sleeve. She is free for the summer and we are hoping to reunite through WOW Air! She appears in my video at the Einstein Memorial (through FaceTime).

Winning this contest would mean the world to me. I would work incredibly hard to produce the best possible content for WOW Air and make sure it’s worth it for them! This would ultimately be a dream come true for me.

Thank you for watching!

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