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Washington, DC is defined by its Neoclassical Monuments and Buildings, and it houses 3 of the most iconic buildings like the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court. Before our arrival in Washington, DC, my Sister and I thought that there would be nothing to do and visiting the different museums would bore us very much.

However, we were all wrong. And it seems that every single time we thought a place would be boring, it turns out to be one of our best experiences ever. On the other hand, places that we thought was good, turned out to be the worst experiences ever. For some reason, this happened to us many times!

In fact, we loved Washington, DC so much! We enjoyed the place, the sightseeing, understanding the deep History of Washington, DC and the USA. It was a fun History Class instead! Besides all of that, as we walk along the streets of Washington, DC, we loved the Architectural Structure of the buildings and how they were built. It amazes me very much! The positive and happy vibes that the Streets of Washington carries were very lively! Wherever we went, we were always happy and smiling! Till today, Washington, DC is one of the best States that I have visited in the USA.

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