DC is known for its hard-working citizens, politics, and history. On this episode of “5 Buck Lunch,” we’re going to show you why DC should also be known for its flavorful and affordable falafel. Standard falafel isn’t hard to find in DC, but the combination of affordable and next-level, mind-blowing, deliciousness can be quite challenging to find. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. That is, after all, why Thrillist is your go-to, be-all and end-all, for food recommendations. Join host Kimberly Kong in the nation’s capital as she challenges NYC host Cody Reiss in the battle of the best falafel our ducats can buy. We’re going to a local spot where every delicious meal ordered also helps feed a refugee — Falafel Inc in Georgetown. You know the rules: We’ve only got $5, so we need to make every penny count. Let’s go!

Thrillist is bringing back its popular cheap-eats show, but bigger and better than ever with three new hosts. Every week, we’ll explore all the best places to eat (that actually taste good) for under $5, and not a penny more. This season, we’re taking it beyond just New York City and traveling to Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay to show you where to get the best bang for your buck. So if you need a break from the expensive, the chains, or you’re just looking for new places to try in your city, this is the show for you. Welcome to “5 Buck Lunch.”


Kimberly Kong

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Kimberly Kong is a Korean-American food & lifestyle blogger based in the DMV area. A Juilliard-trained pianist, Kimberly scours the city for the best deals so she can live and eat like a queen without breaking her budget. She uses her blogs, Nomtastic Foods & Sensible Stylista, to teach readers her tricks and share her best finds. You can catch her in Chinatown scarfing down $5 pork dumplings at Reren, hanging out in Columbia Heights indulging in $3 tacos at Mezcalero, or enjoying delicious, but affordable, plant-based bites at Pow Pow before catching a show at the Rock & Roll Hotel.

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