The Smithsonian National Zoo is FREE to visit and here is what you’ll see when you do.

For more tips on exploring the National Zoo:

We share some of the highlights and what animals you’ll have a chance to see on a National Zoo Washington DC Tour and a bit more information about planning your visit.

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The National Zoo is in NW Washington DC, accessible by both public transportation (watch for our insider tip on which metro station to use) and car.

What are some of the animals you’ll see at the Smithsonian National Zoo:
-Ride the Conservation Carousel
-Race the Tortoise
-Or the Cheetahs!
-Meet Moke, the 1 year old Gorilla
-Go to Lemur Island
-PANDAS! The only free zoo in the US to have Giant Pandas and only one of four zoos to have these animals at all!
-Watch the Orangutangs cross over you
-Walk with the elephants

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