On the first day of my vacation to Washington D.C. my dad and I took a ride on the Metrorail from Van Dorn Street in Alexandria Virginia to Union Station Washington D.C. Before leaving the Van Dorn Street station we see a Metrorail train pull into the station going to Franconia-Springfield. The train makes a regular stop and then departs. Then shortly after we get some heavy rain at the station. Then our Metrorail train pulls in going towards Largo Town Center. We then ride through some of the area in Virginia. Later my dad and I transfer at Metro Center station and my blue line train departs. As the train departs a Metrorail orange line train arrives in the station going to Vienna and for some reason the last car had some very bright lights similar to NYC’s R160 subway cars. We then walk upstairs to the red line train. Next we see a red line train going to Shady Grove that arrives and makes a stop as our train to Union Station pulls in. A few stops later we then arrive at Union Station and our train departs going to Glenmont station.

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