We introduce Project Sidewalk (http://projectsidewalk.io), a new web-based tool that enables online crowdworkers to remotely label pedestrian-related accessibility problems by virtually walking through city streets in Google Street View.

Crowdsourced labels are used to develop new accessibility-friendly mapping tools (e.g., route planners, map visualizations), to train machine learning algorithms to semi-automatically assess cities, and to create better transparency about city accessibility (e.g., WalkScore for sidewalk accessibility!). And all of our data and source code is completely open, so it’s easy for developers to build their own applications or perform their own analyses with our data.

Join us in improving sidewalk quality and accessibility for everyone!

More information: https://makeabilitylab.cs.washington.edu/project/sidewalk/

Music is “Something Elated” by Broke for Free from the freemusicarchive.org.

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