Watch as a procession of thousands of prestigious guests follow the state funeral of former US President General Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower as he is transported through Washington D.C. to Washington Cathedral.

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Here’s some footage of President Eisenhowers funeral in 1969. As he was the American president his funeral was followed by thousands. The funeral took place in Washington DC.

Titles read: ‘SPECIAL!’ Entire issue devoted to state funeral of former US President General Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower in colour.

Washington DC, United States of America.

Montage of shots showing procession of Eisenhower’s funeral, the Washington Cathedral where the funeral will be held, coffin inside Capitol Building, views of Washington as we hear US President Richard Nixon quoting Eisenhower on his love for his family and his country. US flags flying at half mast in Washington with Capitol seen in background.

Several shots of the massive military procession making its way through Washington as Eisenhower’s coffin is transported to the Capitol to rest in state. Crowds line the route. Six horses pull a cart carrying the coffin, draped in the US Stars and Stripes flag. Military escort accompanies the cortege, followed by man leading horse with empty saddle and boot turned wrong way round in stirrup. A black car moves slowly along – probably containing family.

Eisenhower’s widow Mamie enters rotunda of Capitol where officials are waiting for arrival of coffin. Coffin is carried slowly up steps and into the rotunda by military pallbearers. The Shah of Persia in ceremonial dress looks on. Coffin is placed on stand. Nixon family watch. Top shot of ceremony. Sunset over Capitol Building. Crowds outside wait in long lines to file past coffin. Shot of wreath beside coffin.

Shots of Washington Cathedral where funeral will take place. Secretary General to United Nations, U Thant arrives outside the church. Inside we see French President Charles de Gaulle, King Baudoin, Lord Louis Mountbatten, former President Lyndon B Johnson arrive inside the church. President Nixon his wife and daughter arrive outside. The Eisenhower family arrive inside the church. Coffin is carried inside. Interior shots of church. Coffin is carried down aisle.

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