Peace be to you (AsSalama’laikum)! I have been a medically licensed Physician Assistant for almost two decades and currently work as a Hospitalist Physician Assistant in Washington, D.C. where I live with my wife and four children. Hopefully, in this video, I adequately answer the question some of you guys have asked about losing “General” Medical knowledge after getting established in your specialty or sub-specialty. The fact is, that Medicine is WAY too broad to retain EVERYTHING you have learned. Also, medicine is constantly changing (new meds, procedures, guidelines, etc.). So you WILL lose ALOT of your knowledge over time. That’s okay! It really is! This is part of becoming an EXPERT in your field. To retain SOME degree of general medical knowledge (GMK), one can read journals and books, attend lectures, watch videos and talk with specialist in OTHER fields. That’s what I try to do anyway. I hope this helps! I wish you all the VERY best of succes in your positive endeavors and invite you to subscribe! I am available to look over CASPA personal statements for you PA SCHOOL applicants! I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at o_Abdulmalik. Peace!

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