Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC organized a cultural event “Passport DC’ where different embassies were invited. Many Pakistani families participated in the event and had stalls of food, clothes, mehndi (henna), jewelry etc. Around 10 – 12 thousand people participated in the event throughout the day.
Embassy of Pakistan’s Counsellor Mrs. Leena Salim Moazzam praised the efforts by the embassy of Pakistan and said it’s an effort to show the real and soft image of Pakistan to the world. She added, “We’ve put all our efforts to make this event as colorful as we can and to show the lighter side of Pakistan to Americans specially, to show them our good side too.”
A student Linda was very excited to be a part of this event, “Im really very excited that passport dc is going on today. Im very happy that all of the embassies are open to so much diversity and so many good cultural things to learn about. And I learnt one word in Urdu which was GORI, because Im GORI.”
Madeeha Anwar has the details in her package.

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