Our WASHINGTON DC TRIP | Day 1 2019 🛫

We enjoyed the Washington DC Trip soooooo much because it was lit!

We know that Our Washington DC Trip is one of the best out there because of our character!

We decided to bring y’all this Washington DC Trip 2019 because we spent last weekend there and wanted to show you guys what a great time we had.

This extravagant Washington DC vlog 2019 had us on many different excursions to keep y’all entertained!

Unfortunately we didn’t have that much time in Washington DC 2019 but in the little time we had we enjoyed ourselves.

Y’all should really Washington DC travel because there’s so much to do!

If y’all have already Travel to Washington DC let us know below!

If y’all wanna know about some Things to do in Washington DC watch this video and part 2.

This was one LIT 🔥 Washington DC vlog so watch it til the end!

Washington Dc Trip general:
Washington Dc Trip food:
Washington Dc Trip museum:
Washington Dc city layout:
Transportation in Washington dc:
Getting in to Washington dc:
The rest of Washington dc Trip:
Washington DC Trip: 0:00
Dc Reflecting Pool:
Dc Lincoln Memorial:

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