This is just a tiny snippet of things to do or see all year round in Northern Virginia, also known as NOVA (North Virginia). We’ve been living here for a while, and wanted to share some of the things we liked most about this area.

In the summer, it can be quite hot. Renting a boat in Burke Lake doesn’t cost much at all, and is fun and cooling in the morning water.

Autumn is one of the best seasons in this area (including Washington DC and Maryland). The trees are vibrant and the weather is perfect. There are many activities such as apple picking and hiking not too far away.

Winter is usually mild, and it doesn’t snow often. At least once each season, though, there is a beautiful white snowfall (perfect for watching wildlife as they flock to the bird feeders).

Spring can be bad for people with allergies, but at least there are many flowers blossoming, especially cherry blossoms (which you can see lots of nearby in Washington DC).

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