LIVE webinar with members of the Embassy Protection Collective inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C. where they and other activists have been living-in for four weeks now and are besieged by right-wing pro-Guiado opposition.

From the Embassy Protection Collective: We are in the embassy to protect it from a takeover by an unelected group of Guaidó supporters, a takeover that would dangerously escalate the conflict. If the opposition takes over the D.C. Embassy, the Venezuelan government will probably take over the US Embassy. The U.S. could consider this an act of war and use it as an excuse to invade. We can’t allow that to happen. That’s why, despite intense harassment and even a cut-off of our food supplies by right-wing thugs, our peaceful presence INSIDE the Embassy continues.

Meanwhile, inside Venezuela, Guaidó’s continued call for a military uprising threatens to plunge the country into a bloody coup that could lead to decades of war. And US economic sanctions are leading to more misery. There needs to be mediation, like the Mexican government and the Vatican are calling for. We need your help to stop this coup attempt.

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