This is a 100% guide for the Hub Washington D.C.. I collect all of the Character Tokens, Gold Bricks, Vehicle Tokens and Stan Lee in peril. Use the description below to find your favorite character/vehicles/gold brick mission to unlock!

Reptil How to Find a Dig Ability Character
0:00 Vehicle Unlock: News Helicopter
0:45 Gold Brick
1:11 Gold Brick
1:56 Character Unlock: Captain Britain, Mission: Trouble Brewing
3:37 Character Unlock: Diamondback
4:52 Gold Brick
5:49 Character Unlock: Blazing Skull, Mission: Blazing a Trail
9:19 Character Unlock: Nova, Mission: Not My Fault
11:48 Character Unlock: Crystal, Mission Hulk Selfie: Synchronised Snapping
13:31 Gold Brick
14:40 Character Unlock: Bucky Barnes (Classic), Mission: Buck in Time
19:03 Vehicle Unlock: Gyrocopter
20:28 Character Unlock: Wizard
21:24 How to get Underground
23:37 Character Unlock: Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
24:58 Gold Brick
25:56 Character Unlock: Arnim Zola (Classic), Mission: Not OK, Computer
29:11 Gold Brick
30:16 Character Unlock: Captain America (Sam Wilson)
32:51 Stan Lee & Gold Brick

Lego Marvels Avengers
All Final Boss’s & ENDINGS
Lego Marvels Avengers – The Movie (All Cut Scenes & Boss Fights)
All The Avengers Cut Scenes & Boss Fights
All Age of Ultron Cut Scenes & Boss Fights HD 60FPS
All Age of Ultron Action Scenes
All Captain America The Winter Soldier Comic Scenes & Boss Fights
All Iron Man 3 Comic Scenes & Boss Fights
All Thor Comic Scenes & Boss Fights
All Big Figure Transformations
All Big Figures Free Roam Gameplay
All Vehicles Unlocked, Showcase Full Vehicle Grids
Devil Dinosaur Skydiving
All Super Jumping Characters Open World Gameplay
All Iron Man Suit Up Animations (All Suits Unlocked)
Defeat Ultron The Final Boss, THE END
Defeat Loki The Final Boss, THE END–Sk9YU
All Characters Unlocked, Showcase Full Character Grid
How to Unlock All Characters in Manhattan
All Bonus Levels (Captain America The Winter Soldier, Thor, Iron Man 3)
Lego Remake of Marvels The Avengers Official Moive Trailer (Lego Marvels Avengers)
100% Stud Fountain, All Hulk Selfies, All Mission Rewards in Avengers Tower
All Comic Book Covers 100% Minkits / Perfect Pannapictagraphist
Biggest Character in the Game / Fin Fang Foom Invades Manhattan
Hulk Chase Scene “The Avengers”
Devil Dinosaur Invades Washington DC
All Red Brick Locations
Unlimited Studs/Fast Studs
How to get Underground in Washington D.C. Hub
All Stud Multipliers 2x,4x,6x,8x,10x Red Brick Locations
All Team Up Special Moves
Lego Marvels Avengers Story Mode Walkthough

All Hub Character Tokens / Gold Bricks / Collectibles
South Africa
S.H.I.EL.D. Base
Washington D.C.

Hulk VS Red Hulk
Bruce Banner’s Hulk VS Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk

All Character Abilities & How to Unlock
Ultron (MK1)
Iron Man (MK38 – Igor)
Red Hulk
Iron Man (Space)
War Machine (Civil War)

Free Roam Gameplay
Stan Lee (Excelsior Hulk, Stanbuster, Iron Stan)
War Machine (Civil War) PS4 DLC
Red Hulk
Devil Dinosaur

Lack of Insight Bonus Level
Lost in the Aether Bonus Level
Ready A.I.M. Fire Bonus Level

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