(HTG) Brian continues our Lego Marvel Avengers FREE ROAM videos with HUB 5 Washington D.C. FREE ROAM! With STORY and FREE PLAY behind us, we continue the HUB levels with Washington D.C. FREE ROAM and track down all remaining Gold Bricks, Stan Lee in Perils, Character Tokens and of course Vehicle tokens too.. all things needed for that 100%! You might also find our Lego Marvel Avengers FREE PLAY series handy too, where we get all of the Minikits, Gold Bricks, Red Bricks and of course Stan Lee in Perils. Follow along as we work our way to 100% completion of Lego Marvel Avengers. If you have any questions regarding Lego Avengers or any other game, please leave us a comment and we will do what we can to help out! Thanks for watching our Lego Marvel Avengers videos! #BooYaKaShouw

Lego Marvel Avengers Washington D.C. FREE ROAM Collectible Quick Links:
Gold Brick 1: 01:12
Character Token 1: 02:24 (Captain America Sam Wilson)
Vehicle Token 1: 04:27 (News Helicopter)
Character Token 2: 04:09 (Diamondback)
Character Token 3: 06:25 (Captain Britain)
Gold Brick 2: 08:45
Stan Lee In Peril: 09:20 **Also counts as Gold Brick**
Gold Brick 3: 09:58
Character Token 4: 10:28 (Blazing Skull)
Character Token 5: 13:05 (Nova)
Vehicle Token 2: 14:57 (Gyrocopter)
Character Token 6: 15:52 (Crystal)
Character Token 7: 17:12 (Winter Soldier Classic)
Character Token 8: 19:27 (Wizard)
Gold Brick 4: 20:19
Character Token 9: 23:48 (Arnim Zola Classic)
Gold Brick 5: 26:06
Character Token 10: 27:03 (Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers)
Gold Brick 6: 28:10

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