I really tried to cram ALL of DC into one day here: museums, memorials, monuments, pretty things, scenery and all. It’s impossible, there’s too much to do. Dc might be expensive for everything else but they got hellllaaaa free things to do, you just gotta get those legs working and walk a bunch.

0:00 ~ georgetown! wow look at those aesthetics
0:20 ~ eating, per usual
0:44 ~ much monuments, much memorials, much learn, much cultured
1:20 ~ museums! that art museum was legit man
2:15 ~ more eats, then tidal basin and another memorial (it wasn’t peak bloom season so no cherry blossoms ;; )
2:30 ~ end of the night, may or may not have went to a rave lol

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Places I ate at:
Baked and Wired: https://bakedandwired.com/
District Taco: https://www.districttaco.com/
&Pizza: https://andpizza.com/

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Yelp: https://thecathyle.yelp.com
Blog: (coming soon)

Car Camping ~ Goth Babe
Silver-tongue ~ Young the Giants

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