The nation’s capital is full of amazing restaurants and tons of international food for travelers to enjoy. Here we give you our five favorite foods to enjoy when we visit Washington, DC.
1. Ethiopian Food: DC has an enormous range of great international restaurants, but one that stands out as quite unique is the abundance of Ethiopian restaurants in The District. If you get a chance check one out and make sure you wash your hands before you eat, because you don’t use a fork and knife, you use your hands and your bread to enjoy the stews, meats and veggies on offer.
2. Maryland Crab: whether it is amazing Maryland Crab Cakes or just plain old tasty crab in anything DC has a lot of crab options for you. So if you see some one selling some crab cakes on the street or on the menu you will get a fresh and local tasty treat.
3. Oysters: the oysters from Chesapeake Bay are worth their weight in tastiness. And what is great oysters are a popular happy hour treat at a number of restuarants around town. So enjoy some oysters and a local beer.
4. Half-Smoked Sausage: whether you are wandering around the national mall looking at museums or you head up to Ben’s Chili Bowl there are plenty of options of eating this local sausage.
5. Other Local Treats: Chicken wings with Mumbo sauce is popular when you can find it. The Mumbo sauce is a combination of sweet and sour sauce and BBQ sauce in my opinion. You can always grab a cupcake in Georgetown (they are famous there), or you can head out to Mount Vernon and grab some peanut soup and some bread pudding.
Filmed in Washington, DC
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