Darude in Washington, DC @ Club Ibiza, part 2

Due to so many people asking for it, here’s some “in the booth” footage of me mixing, and some crowd shots as well. Notice the great Otus dj controller between the mixer and the cd-player.

Macbook Pro (www.apple.com), Traktor (www.native-instruments.com), Otus dj controller (www.eks.fi), Pioneer DJM800 and CDJ1000 (www.pioneerprodj.com)

Darude feat. Blake Lewis – I Ran (So Far Away) (Gareth Emery Remix)
[Warner Music Finland / DRD Music Finland]
Darude – Sandstorm (Superchumbo’s Sandy Sandstorm)
[16 Inch Records]
Darude – Tell Me (Original Mix)
[Warner Music Finland / DRD Music Finland]

Video shot by Don Goff.
Big thanks to Alex Niko.

If you want to experience this live, come to my next gig at Club Ibiza on the 28th of November, 2009.
Check out www.myspace.com/darude for other tour dates and latest news!

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