The Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Washington, DC Tour and Visitor Center, located in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, is a great place to learn about United States currency and see how it’s made. BEP has been the nation’s exclusive paper currency printer since 1862. That is more than 150 years of making money and we are excited about sharing our unique history with you.

At the BEP Tour and Visitor Center, you will see millions of dollars being printed as you walk along the gallery overlooking the production floor! This, approximately 40-minute experience includes an introductory film, followed by a gallery tour which allows you to follow the entire production process from a blank sheet of currency paper to the printed, cut, and shrink-wrapped bricks that are packaged and sent to the Federal Reserve, our nation’s Central Bank. At the end of the gallery tour, you can explore educational exhibits and variety of currency products for sale in the Visitor Center’s gift shop.

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