Visiting Washington DC in December must include a family tour of the US Botanic Garden which is one of the Top 10 things to do in DC over the holidays. So why visit a tropical enclosure when on is thinking about Christmas, snow and other winter holiday celebrations at this time of year. Model trains and plant based models of famous landmarks in DC and around the country is one reason. Trains and the winter holiday are a natural because who doesn’t want to remember a classic Lionel train go around a holiday tree.

In this video we capture some of the 2017 Botanic Garden exhibit featuring a road trip around the USA. Thomas the train and many others make their debut on the tracks as one explores landmarks along the famous Route 66, Niagara Falls and other landmark destinations from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

The exhibit include many models that are made from plant materials. This years exhibit includes materials such as coriander seeds, willow sticks, pine cone scales and over 70 more plant materials in the construction of structures like the Smithsonian Castle and US Capitol building.

This is one of the best family attractions in the DC area over the holidays so when you are planning that visit to the US Air and Space Museum travel two blocks down and see this holiday spectacular in DC. Other attractions to visit over the Christmas holidays in Washington DC include – Christmas tree display (all 50 states), US Capitol, DC Wharf for ice skating to just name a few.

This video was created using only handheld iPhone 6splus and iPhone 7 devices. It was composed using Adobe Premiere and published in 4K resolution.

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