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“Live At the Washington Coliseum, 1964”

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I love this concert because it represents the euphoric apex of their invasion into the United States. The intensity is off the charts. Unfortunately the recording has so much static and white noise screaming that it was really hard to pull much out of it; on the other hand, in spite of that, I have still always enjoyed raucous sound. Because the drums are decently audible and bass guitar is so full, it’s enough to keep the rhythm heard. The rest kind of comes in and out.

The real star here is Ringo who is hurricane of percussion. I have no idea where the reputation came that he was an average drummer. That can only be made if you’re unfamiliar with their live material. I suspect that Ringo draws his energy more from the crowd and so when they were in the studio he would play more mellow. But here are clearly he is the Starr.



1. This was processed using analog multi-band compressors to even out the frequencies, giving it a more full, vintage sound.

2. This was not taken form an original source, so the sound could be cleaned up further, of course.

3. If you see me re-post this, I probably found a way to upgrade. Sometimes when you watch later or on another platform you see correctable glitches. FYI.

4. Only brief clips are allowed by YouTube/Apple

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