First year was in Philadelphia, but Jerry upped the stakes in year two. Asking girls to rate Jerry Liu is back, and we were in the Washington, DC area, the nation’s capital, to see if girls (and guys) like Jerry as a person. How would they rate Jerry on a scale of 1 to 10. Special thanks to Canto Mike for filming (

Which interview did you like best? Also, has Jerry spent his one year well, or has he actually declined? Should he cut his hair? Should he follow advice from Vitaly and lift? Should he follow advice from the previous year ( and get new glasses? Let’s see what people say in year two of this hit series 🙂 Out of 10, what do you think Jerry is now?

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Filmed in Chinatown, DC, the National Mall, and Ballston, Va (the lamest place in NoVa, sorry).

Also thanks to Zhan Lu for providing the motorcycle used in the video.

Shoutout to all the people we interviewed. Also, special shoutout to the Reddit meetup group in the DC area:

The music used comes from Audiomicro, Jingle Punks, or YouTube Audio library:;;

~Jerry Liu 刘悦 LiuTube

Thanks for watching! Smile every day! Philadelphia, Washington, DC and the beltway are awesome (Ballston, not so much, sorry).

Filmed with Canon Vixia HF G10, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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~Jerryliufilms aka Jerryliufilmmaker

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