Private rail cars in Union Station
Juniata railcar parlor No. 1157 (800699) (Warrior Ridge) ex-Southern Pacific no.2992
Pennsylvania No. 120 (800241)
Pullman No. 800000 (Little Juniata Rapids) ex- Southern Pacific Railroad ( Amtrak ) car.

Info on Cars

#120 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
Operational. Built by Altoona shops in 1928. PRR’s premier business car, assigned to PRR presidents and furnished to US Presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt through John F. Kennedy. Carried body of Senator Robert F. Kennedy from NYC to Washington DC in June 1968 funeral train on Penn Central. Privately owned since 1971; currently owned by Bennett Levin of Philadelphia, PA. Assigned private car accounting number 800241 by Amtrak. Operated rearmost (NYP-CHI) on last westbound run of Broadway Limited over traditional PRR route in 1990. Operated rearmost (CHI-PHL) on “last” eastbound run of Broadway Limited in 1995 (the train was later resurrected). Kept at Juniata Terminal Company facility, just off Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor main line, near North Philadelphia.

Amtrak Northeast Regional Train No. 171Led by HHP-8 No. 652 in Washington DC, Union Station Engine Switch to P42DC No. 64.

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