Happy Holidays everyone! This tour is of the top floor of the AGPDC store: Historical Dolls, GOTY, Store exclusives, and books. The cafe will be in the next video, which I hope to upload soon. All the Saige, Molly, and Emily dolls are actually sold out! 🙁 I hope to get up a Christmas AGSM soon, so watch out for that. Also, about my Etsy shop:
I have a bunch of doll skirts and scarfs for sale and I would really appreciate if you could check them out. Everything is under $10. If you want to get something, buy it now because I won’t be shipping December 25 through January 1st due to traveling.
I hope you enjoy this video!

Camera: Nikon D7000
Editor: iMovie 10.0
Music: Lighting bugs (http://audionautix.com)


Etsy shop:

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