Charlie Wang is a student in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Political Economy. Crimson is the world leader in global admissions consulting. Find out more, and apply for a free education assessment here:

Georgetown is one of the best universities in the world for the study of public service, politics, and international relations, located right near Washington, D.C. Charlie is originally from China, and studied in New Zealand before his acceptance to Georgetown University. Outside of his major in International Political Economy in the School of Foreign Service, Charlie is pursuing a double minor in International Development and Religion, Ethics and World Affairs. He also works for Georgetown’s unique and renowned student-run Georgetown Investment Office and the Georgetown Credit Union, where he learns hands-on everyday about investment and banking. Follow a day in Charlie’s life and learn about student life at Georgetown, Charlie’s studies and how they align with Georgetown’s missions, and Charlie’s advice for students thinking of applying!

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