Collab with LaGuardia + Deac: First-time Father Advice



LaGuardia and I met up during Playlist Live in Washington DC to shoot a collaboration giving some great information for first-time dads. As active fathers with daughters, we have learned a good number of things the hard way. Well, we don’t want you to be in the same situation that we may have been so if you are about to be a first-time father or have yet to have a child, please take a few minutes and watch this – it might just save your sanity!


I would say this is the first series of BESTMANMADE, but that would not be entirely true. In fact, this series is something I created 4 years ago. But I recently decided to bring it back! Since we are getting people motivated and informed on how to accomplish their LIFE GOALS. We are now gonna give some invaluable information to fellas!

Get ready for a new show coming to the LETSGETMADEtv channel. BESTMANMADE is Everything the BETTER MAN Should Know.


BESTMANMADE – “Boys are Born. Men are Made.”

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